Questions and Answers

The most common Questions and Answers...
Q.        There is a shopping cart, why isn't there direct purchasing available for custom orders on our web site?

A.        While you can direct purchase sinks from our inventory on our website, by using our shopping cart system, the lack of an ability to
purchase custom products on our web site causes some initial inconvenience. But, we are convinced that you will benefit in the end.  To
explain...   Every custom order is unique.  We ask questions of our clients to avert potential mis-orders, disappointments and returns.  

Q.        I would rather not to use a shopping cart system.  Can I purchase by calling you?

A.        Yes.  You can direct purchase sinks from our inventory on our website, by using our shopping cart system or just by calling us at:  

Q.     Is it safe to purchase from your shopping cart system?     

A.     Yes.  We use pay pal's secure shopping cart system for our payment processing.  The advantage to you is that you don't enter sensitive credit information on our site, rather you enter  your payment information on Pay-Pal's secure, encrypted site.  With millions of transactions a year, you are assured that Pay Pal can provide you with the highest security when purchasing on-line.  

If you would rather not use the Internet for your purchase,  we can process your credit card order using Visa, MasterCard or Discover over
the phone.

Q.     Are their advantages to buying directly from you rather than one of your distributors?

A.     Except for seconds or close-outs, there is not any pricing advantage to purchasing directly from our site or studio on first quality products.  Any products that we have in our on-line inventory, as in our stock (excluding seconds that we might have available), are available for sale by
any of our distributors.  

Since we make the sinks and accessories, we know more about them than anyone else.  Please feel free to contact us with in depth questions, and we are happy to give advise about what works well and what does not.   

Q.     What if I see a sink that I like but it is sold?

A.        We custom make sinks in a variety of sizes and shapes.  If you see one that you like, but it is sold, call us to find the turn around time for us to make you a custom sink that looks like the one that is sold.  Custom orders are the largest part of our business.

Q.     Are the sizes you custom make exact?

A.        No.  But they are very close.  While we custom make sinks that are close in size to the sink that you might order, most cases they are a few fractions of an inch off.  This is due to the handmade nature of the product and that the product shrinks after throwing (creation) and again after firing (curing).  While we calculate shrinkage into each new custom order, it is not always directional (sometimes sinks shrink more in width than they do in height).

Q.     I want to create a new bathroom, what comes first?

A.       Choose a focal point that fits the room, be it the vanity, the sink, or  the combination of the two  Next choice is the sink or the counter top material.  Be sure not to have holes drilled into the counter top before you receive your sink.  Since each sink is handcrafted, variations occur in the surface.  It is much easier to change the shape of the counter top hole than to make a sink to fit an existing hole.  The faucet should be the last choice as it needs to fit all aspects of the installation.

The most common errors that have been averted with a few direct person questions:

Ordering a sink color that does not match.

We gladly send out color samples, and we have the ability to describe a color.  This often saves a customer from having to return product
due to color issues.  We do require a $25.00 deposit, that is refunded when the color samples are returned to us.

Ordering a sink drain that does not match the faucet.

We offer a large number of drain finishes to match the faucet you have or want to purchase.  We can  install the drain into the sink at our
studio before it is shipped to you.

Ordering a sink that is not the right size for the vanity top.

Since we custom make our sinks, we have the ability to make your sink close to the size you desire.  This is easily accomplished with a few
questions from us, but almost impossible to do without human interaction.

This level of personal service is impossible to do only online.