Sink Styles Described

Unique Stoneware Sinks...
On this page you will find the different styled bathroom sinks that we make.  Every sink is hand made of stoneware, on the potter's wheel.  Each hand made bathroom sink is a unique, signed, piece of functional art.  You will notice that some sinks styles look very different from one another, while others are subtlety different.


Graceful lines characterize the Florence sinks.  They feature a gently curved body and a softly flared foot.  Like many of our sinks, Florence styled vessels can be made to be very small sinks up to very large sinks, from 8" to 17"  inches in diameter.  These unique hand made sinks are best used as a surface mount (vessel mount) or partially countersunk.

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Uptown sinks are our most modern styled sinks.  They feature fairly straight walls (little curving of the body) and can be made with or without a foot.  The Uptown sink can have a very 'Zen' feel.  They look great paired up with wall mounted faucets.    

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Old World Craftsman Style is the best way to describe the character of our Underhill sinks.  Featuring fairly upright walls and a prominent foot, our Underhill sink can be surface mounted or countersunk (self rimming) or an under mount sink when made with a mounting lip.  If
you want either a small sink or a large sink (made from 8 inches to about 17 inches in diameter)  the Underhill makes the perfect sink for wet bars as well as in many corner applications.          

(see our How to Order page for mounting choices)

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The Delta...

More curvaceous than the Uptown, the Delta Vessel has a wider body and a distinct foot transition.  Like many of our sink styles, the Delta can be made in a variety of sizes; it can be made to be a very small sink to very large sink, up to 17"  inches in diameter.  Best used for surface mounting and partial countersink.

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The Sarefire...

With a gently curved body and a flowing foot transition, Sarefire sinks have an earthy quality that reflects their stoneware roots. The simple beauty of Sarefire sinks is sure to make an artistic impression, looking beautiful in a variety of settings.   Best used for surface mounting and partial countersinking.

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The Liberty...

Our Liberty sink put the “Art” in Art Sinks. This is a strikingly shaped sink that is as pleasing to look at, as it is to use. Liberty bathroom sink can be used as a surface (vessel) mount, partially countersunk or self rimming sink when ordered accordingly.  They are a strikingly shaped sink that is as pleasing to look at, as it is to use.

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The Scheffley...

Ed Racicot's Art SInks - Scheffley Style sink in Carmel Glaze

The Scheffley features a curvaceous body and a distinctly, flared foot transition. Transitional in style, the Scheffley sinks fits very well in a variety of settings. Made in a multitude of sizes, from tall and narrow to short and wide. Scheffley sinks look best when used as vessel mount sinks or partially countersunk (like the photo on the left).

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Sarefire Shape...

Our newest sink style, the Sarefire Shape sink is a takeoff of our Sarefire sink style. Where it differs is it has a more dramatic shape, with a foot that flows up before it starts to widen in to the sink's body.

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One of a Style...

Part of the creative process that produces new styles (and keeps me excited about my work as an artist) is making sinks that are completely different in both size and shape than those that come from orders.

These one of a style sinks may be the beginning of a new 'style' of sinks for us or they may be just a reflection of my creative process.  In either case they are unique sinks that do not quite fit any of our 'styles'.

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Creating our Stoneware Vessels…

When considering what kind of clay to use to make the stoneware vessels out of, Vermont Art Sinks artist, E. C. Racicot, first considered
durability and lasting strength. Creating his own unique blend of clays, Edward Racicot throws each vessel by hand on the Potter’s Wheel,
taking exacting pains to ensure drain holes will match plumbing fixtures once the vessels have shrunk (a normal part of both the drying and
firing process) to their final size.

After the vessels are trimmed and have dried, glazes (colors) are applied. The vessels then go into the kiln, where they fire to more than
2200 degrees, over a period of 18 hours. A slow firing time enhances the colors on the vessels and it adds to their durability and hardness.
A well balanced clay body, slow firing and slow cooling all add to the durability, strength and excellent thermal shock* properties of Ed’s clay
body, ensuring years of lasting beauty.

*Thermal shock resistance is what keeps the sink from breaking as you go from cold water to boiling hot, or vice versa, allowing the clay to
expand and contract with the glaze as one.
Creating our Stoneware Vessels…

Clicking on the inventory link, in between the two custom bathroom sink photos, takes you to a page devoted to that bathroom sink style.
Once on that page you will see all the finished sinks in that style that we currently have in stock. You will also see pricing and where you can
buy those sinks (you can use our shopping cart system, call us to order or contact the store listed that sells that particular sink).

Some of the sinks on these web pages are very large or very small bathroom sinks. Some of these unique sinks are bowl like sinks.
Regardless to size or style, all of the sinks are unique bathroom sinks; handmade and one of a kind sinks. To learn more about the
process of making these unique bathroom sinks, scroll to the bottom of this page or see our About Us page.

We have many sinks at our studio that are in their 'green' state, un-fired and waiting for glaze. If you see a sink that you like, but it is sold (or
you would like one a bit larger or smaller or in a different color) call us at 828-225-5565 as custom sink orders are the largest part of our