Custom Orders

Custom Orders

This page was created to view our mounting choices and for special - custom orders.   If you have chosen a sink from our inventory you can use our shopping cart system or just call us at: 828-225-5565 to place your order.

Our Goal:
Our goal is 100% satisfaction.   We want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase.

Quality is paramount in both our Stoneware sinks. All of our stoneware sinks are warranted to be compatible with standard US vessel sink drains. Also, our work carries a full three year warranty against breakage due to thermal shock (see our business policy for more information on this).

Since all of our sinks are handmade, they can be custom made to many different sizes. This page was created to help guide you through the process of ordering a custom sink.

Step 1. Choose a sink style taking into consideration the way you want to mount the sink (s)
Step 2. Choose a color (inside and out can be the same or different colors)
Step 3. Choose a height and width (see examples of how we measure below)
Step 4. Call us and we will figure the costs for you based on size and style.
Step 5. Call or email us the specs to place your order. We will let you know when your sinks will be created and shipped to you.

Step One:  Choose a sink style and mounting method
We offer four mounting options for our sinks, basins and vessels:
  1. Under mount basin (Underhill style basin)
  2. Traditional top rim mounting sink (Underhill & Liberty styles when ordered with mounting rim)
  3. Partial Countersink Vessel (any of our styles can be countersunk)
  4. Top mounting or surface mounting of Vessel (any of our styles are made to be surface mounted)
While each mounting method has its own distinct style and advantages, each lets you make your own statement.

Choose a sink style and monting method
Step Two: Choose a Color
Click this link to go to our colors page to see all of our color choices
and to choose the color for your sink.

Toasted Oatmeal Glaze Spice Creme Glaze Sky Blue
Merlot Glaze Cast Iron Olive Glaze Iron White
Cobalt Glaze Rust Colors Carmel Unique texture of stoneware sink

Step Three: Choose the height and width

Height is measured from the top rim to the base - Width is measured across the rim, from outside to outside
Log home bathroom sink

Step Four: Figure costs for the sink(s)
Custom orders cost about 10% more than the sinks in our inventory.  WIth that said, call or email us to get a price for your sink(s) based on: sizes, styles and number of sinks purchased. 

Step Five: Call or email us to find out turnaround time

Buy with Confidence…
As a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau, our goal is 100% satisfaction. In short, we treat
you the way that we want to be treated when we are the consumer.

Size and Shape:
Shapes ofl sinks will vary from time to time. Some colors and shapes may no longer be available, while new colors and shapes arrive. If you have a specific request, please contact us, as custom orders are the largest part of our business. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Due to the nature of handmade wares, you can expect to find variations in color and size, from piece to piece. While reasonable effort will be made to make pieces that ‘match’ or otherwise ‘look alike’, all pieces are hand created and therefore will differ.

Colors & Color Samples:

Stoneware glazes are applied by hand; therefore, they will vary from piece to piece. The environment in a kiln is dynamic, changing from firing to firing depending on the wares inside it. Consequently, colors within a single piece may have varied colors and finishes. This is the beauty and nature of handmade wares.

If you are unsure of the color of the item you are looking at on our website, please ask us to send out a color samples or use the Color Samples page on this website to order samples.  If time allows, this is the safest way to insure you are getting the color you think you want.

Special - Custom Orders:
Special orders require a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the order’s total, not including shipping and handling, before work will begin. Payment for the balance due, including shipping and handling, must be made before the completed order is shipped (see delivery section for shipping details).  No credit will be given for shipping charges incurred.  Understandably, custom order pieces are not returnable.

Our business policy will help explain what you can expect when you order a sink from us.