Seconds, Clearance and Old Stock
What Makes a Second? A second may simply be a sink that may have a color that:
  • has been discontinued
  • has a glaze fault
  • was a glaze test
  • or has another minor defect
  • old stock
Look in the product description to see what makes the sink a second. Some defects are more pronounced, say a glaze defect rather than a glaze test, so those sinks are discounted further. All seconds are covered under the same warranty as our first quality sinks . See out about us page for further information on our warranty
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Underhill Style Stoneware Sink Approximately 16" Wide by 5-1/8" tall Old Stock - compare at: 648.00 THIS EXACT SINK IS IN STOCK - IT USUALLY SHIPS...
Scheffley Style Stoneware Pottery Vessel Approximately 14-5/8" wide by 6-3/8" tall THIS WAS A TEST COLOR. COMPARE AT $553.00 THIS EXACT SINK IS...
26 products totalpages: << Previous 1 2