Handmade Tiles

Handmade Tileshandmade tiles from vermont art sinks
E. C. Racicot ~ Art Sinks handmade tiles are made in the same general process as our sinks. Tiles are strong, durable and easy to clean and care for.  Custom tiles can be made in a variety of sizes.

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Broken Blue Field - TileHandmade Tiles - Process

The tiles are made in the same general process as our sinks, but rather than turned by hand, they are rolled.  The tiles are all handmade and finished, not molded, so each tile is truly unique.  Since the wall tiles are made of stoneware, they are very strong and durable.  They can be stubbornly cut with a wet saw (they are very hard) for custom installation purposes.

Handmade Wall Tiles

Field tiles will be available in most popular colors.   Standard size of the tiles is 3.5 square.  This allows for a 1/4" grout line.
Tiles can also be made rectangle shaped (like Subway tile) and as small as 1" square.  The large the piece of tile the more deflection there will be in the body of the tile (warping).  This warping makes for a very, very interesting looking handmade tile.  If you are looking for perfectly flat and square tile, handmade tile is probably not the best choice for you.  If you like interesting variation, then request a sample so see what the tile looks and feels like.

Handmade Tiles - Color Choices

Handmade Tiles Color Choices
Our tiles are available in most of our colors. The tile shown left and above are in Broken Blue.  Call or email us to discuss tile color and tone.

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Tile Example Broken Blue Tile Example Burnt Rose Tile Example  Frog Tile Example  Merlot Tile Example Iron White
Tile Example Cast Iron Tile Example Chocolate Tile Example  Seaweed Tile Example  Rutile Tile Example  Carnival

Handmade Tiles from Vermont Art SinksHandmade Tiles - Pricing

Ed Racicot Art Sinks wall tiles are all handmade, finished and glazed. We do not use molds in the tile production process, so each tile is truly unique piece of functional art. Size of the tiles is 3.5 square:
  • Field Tiles are $6.25 each ($56.25 per square foot)
  • Single edge bull nose tiles $7.75 each ($69.75 per square foot)
  • Double edge bull nose tiles $8.25 each ($74.25 per square foot)
Other sized tiles (other than 3.5" square) vary on price per square foot based on size and color of the tile.  Call 828-225-5565 or email: ed@vtartinks.com with the size, amount and color of tile you would like so we can send you a quote of what that would cost.  Shipping costs can be quoted if you provide a zipcode. 

A Word About

Quality is paramount in all of our products .  Our tile carries a full three year warranty.

Stoneware glazes are applied by hand, with minerals and oxides mined from the earth.  Therefore they will vary from time to time, piece to piece. Another factor is the environment in a kiln is dynamic, changing from firing to firing depending on the wares inside it. Consequently, colors within a single piece may have varied colors and finishes. Please EXPECT THIS VARIATION - this is the beauty and nature of handmade wares.