All of our glazes, whether glossy or matte in finish, are tested to be very tough and easy to care for. No special products need to be used to clean them.

Want a color sample?

You can use our shopping cart system to order color samples.  Just go to the color samples page on the drop down menu below the colors tab. If you would rather not use the shopping cart system to order color sample, call Ed at: 828-225-5565 to get samples of the colors you are most interested in. Please try to limit your color samples to no more than 10 samples.

Click on the colors below to jump to a page devoted to that color.

Toasted Oatmeal Torch Red Glaze Creme Glaze Sky Blue
Glaze Spice Glaze Cast Iron Olive Glaze Iron White
Cobalt Colors Carmel Glaze Dijon
Seaweed Glaze Glaze Rust Asian Lilly
E. C. Racicot's Boston Brown Glaze Field Mouse
Broken Blue Glaze Denim Glaze Oak Moss
Mammo Glaze Espresso Leather
Frog Pond Glaze Burnt Rose Glaze
Glaze Hot Lime Prairie Sage Glaze E. C. Racicot's Carnival Glaze
Glaze Chocoloate Mouse
Jade Spun Gold Sink Glaze Glaze Frog
Glaze Chestnut Glaze Amber
Sand Glaze  Vibrant Broken Blue Glaze  French Vanilla Glaze
Rustic Forest Glaze Poder Blue & Sage

Stoneware glazes are applied by hand; therefore, they will vary from piece to piece. The environment in a kiln is dynamic, changing from firing to firing depending on the wares inside it. Consequently, colors within a single piece may have varied colors, textures and variations in finish. This is the beauty and nature of handmade wares.